Bharat Residency, Jageshwar, Uttarakhand

"A Home Away From Home" this is how you will happily describe Bharat Residency, as the top place among the Best Hotels in Jageshwar, when you go back after staying with us. Yes there are ample reasons for this.

You see Jageshwar is a temple city of 124 Hindu temples aged back to 8th Century. It is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Nature, on the laps of Himalayas and blessed by Jata Ganga River, flowing to make this pilgrimage center completely fertile. Jagadeshwar is situated at an altitude of 1870 meters.

Wherever you are coming from may be thousands of miles away the very first need of you, on reaching Jageshwar is a place to stay with complete facilities, perks, amenities and conveniences. Only after refreshing yourself and rejuvenating, you can embark on visiting all the places temples like popular Jaganath or Mritunjaya or any other tourist spots. You will agree complete devotion is possible, if only you first fill up something to your empty stomach.

No denying there are small and big hotels in jageshwar dham, or hotels in jageshwar almora. But for those coming with families, the first option is Budget Hotels in Jageshwar. Bharat Residency stands head and shoulder above Jageshwar Hotels or for that matter all hotels in jageshwar uttarakhand, in providing luxuries at affordable costs.

Best part is Bharat Residency takes complete care of your culinary variety needs, in serving everything you may order be it Indian, Regional, Chinese, Italian, or any other Continental Recipes. Sumptuously feeding your appetite and quenching your thirst, you are at liberty to go merrily in search of the Shiva Temples. You can worship with mental peace and seek the blessings of the Holy shrines like Jageshwar temple; Dandeshwar temple; Mirutunjaya Temple; Kuber Temple; Navagrah temple and Nanda Devi temple.

No need to hurry you have comfortable rooms at Bharat Residency to relax fully, sleep well under the luxurious woolen Rajais and continue your visits of all the temples in 10 days. Remember Jageshwar is the sacred place having the first of the 12 Jyotirlangas of India Nageshwara.

So it is a rare experience visiting here and Bharat Residency for staying in. Individualized services with a strong accent on hygiene and luxury form the core of our belief system. The 4 star property spread over 1200 square yards, in a well-constructed 20,000 square feet area, strives for an experience our visitors should never forget.

Call Now for Room Reservation @ +91-955-726-1510 Mr Girish Bhatt (Manager), Bharat Residency, Jageshwar.

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