Hydro Power Projects

Hydro power is a non- polluting, renewable source of energy .It is perhaps the oldest renewable energy technique .Hydro power represents the use of water resources towards inflation free energy due to absence of fuel cost with mature technology characterized by highest primer moving efficiency and spectacular electricity efficiency. Small Hydro Projects are an important, appropriate and profitable that other energy supply options.

Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam limited is primarily responsible for the Small Hydro development in Uttarakhand & is nodal agency to speed up this development.

Hydro Power projects are generally classified in two parts i.e. Small hydro projects and large hydro projects. In India hydro projects up to 25 MW are considered as small hydro Projects where above 25 MW are considered as large hydro projects

Bharat Hotels & Infrastructure is also getting into Hydro projects & setting up the project up to 10.00 MW in Uttarakhand The Small hydro projects have following distinct advantages:

  • Hydro power involves a clean process of power generation.
  • It is a renewable source of energy and contributes to the upliftment of the rural masses, especially projects located in remote and inaccessible areas.
  • It is the most cost effective option for power supply because it does not suffer from the limitation on account of fuel consumption.
  • Most small hydro projects in Uttarakhand are being developed in remote and backward areas where substantial support for economic development is actually needed.
  • Small hydro power contributes in solving the low voltage problem in the remote hilly areas and helping reducing the losses in transmission and distribution.
  • In certain cases projects are helpful in providing drinking water and irrigation facilities.
  • It helps in promoting the local industries in remote areas.
  • The development of small hydro projects requires minimum rehabilitation and resettlement as well as environmental problems.
  • Small hydro projects help in generating self employment in remote areas of the state.
  • Small hydro power projects helps in providing stable electricity supply at remote areas where such facility by other source shall be much costlier and unreliable.

The Company Bharat Hotels & Infrastructure will help generate employment in the remote area of the State & also help India in generating power & electricity.